Play Areas in Bali

Photo 1

Schools in Bali are usually small and often have little or no play equipment. Often the school will have a small open play area with no equipment. Below are some photos of play and play areas that I observed.

Photos 1-3: Photo one shows the physical education teacher talking with his class while Photo 2 shows him lining the children up for a walking race. Photo 3 shows one of the races in progress.

Photos 4-6: These photos show an older class working on a passing drill using a volleyball. Their teacher is not shown in the photos.

Photos 7-9: These photos show an older class playing soccer. Play went smoothly although no teacher was visible. It may have been a very large class being taught by the teacher teaching passing in photos 4-6. In Photo 9, you may see a number of students in the class who are watching and talking. Looks familiar.

Photos 10-12: Photo 10 shows the elementary kids crossing the street. Note that the teachers are stopping traffic for them.  Photos 11 and 12 were taken at a kindergarten playground. Note the wooden swings. I had never seen anything like them before. In fact, I didn’t know what they were until I saw the kids sit on them.

Photos 13-15: Look carefully and you can see a split at the bottom of the slide – a definite hazard. I thought the seesaw was interesting in that it accommodated a number of children. One hand grip, however, is missing. The merry-go-round was enclosed for safety.

Photos 16-18: Photo 16 is of a climber located inside the building. The seesaw is metal where the other was wooden.

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