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Free Webinars from Fitness Law Academy

 An Announcement of Free Webinars on 

Mitigating Legal Liability Risks 


Exercise Prescriptions for Clinical Populations

Two FREE Webinars:

 Feb. 10th and Feb. 17th

 JoAnn Eickhoff-Shemek, PhD, FACSM, President of the Fitness Law Academy, LLC will be presenting the following “free” webinars:

Webinar #1: Mitigating Legal Liability Risks: Important Legal Duties and Risk Management Responsibilities of Fitness ManagersThursday, February 10th, 2:00-3:00 pm (EST) 

The most important legal duty of fitness managers is to provide reasonably safe facilities and programs for their members and participants. This webinar will describe negligence lawsuits in which fitness managers  failed to carry out this duty as well as the types of risk management strategies needed to properly fulfill this  duty. Injuries and subsequent negligence law  suits are  common against fitness facilities and programs and  potentially costly with some courts awarding plaintiffs (injured parties) millions of dollars. Minimizing    injuries and litigation is possible if fitness managers have the knowledge and skills to do so.

Webinar #2: Exercise Prescriptions for Clinical Populations: Factors Courts Consider when Determining the Exercise Professional’s Standard of Care – Thursday. Feb. 17th 2:00-3:00 pm (EST) 

To avoid legal liability, all exercise professionals must meet a certain standard of care. Is this standard of          care different for  professionals who prescribe exercise for individuals with medical conditions? This webinar will answer this question by describing negligence cases in which the exercise professional failed to   prescribe a proper exercise prescription given the individual’s medical condition. Important factors the courts considered to determine the standard of care in these cases will also be discussed.


Registering for the “free” webinars is easy: Just email JoAnn at: [email protected] with your

(a) Name, (b) Email Address, and (c) the Webinar you want to attend (you can register for both if you want). Registrants will  receive the Webinar invite 2-3 days prior and a link to the webinar’s recording after the webinar.

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