Sport & Recreation Attorneys

Reb Gregg — Adventure Law Attorney

Reb Gregg is a leading attorney, lecturer and writer in legal liability issues for adventure, education and recreation based outdoor programs. Reb Gregg is a licensed attorney in Houston, Texas. He has served as president of the Houston Bar Association and on the Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas. For the past 15 years Reb has worked primarily with recreation and adventure-based programs and is a leading practitioner, lecturer and writer in managing legal liability issues for such programs. He was identified in the July 2002 issue of Outside Magazine as “the Dean of the Outdoor Bar.” Reb’s clients include outdoor schools, adventure travel and study abroad programs, college and university outdoor programs and clubs, and challenge course constructors, operators and facilitators. Reb serves as Counsel to the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and to the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). To see other risk management articles by Reb, click here.

Julie I. Fershtman – Equine Law Attorney & Expert

Julie I. Fershtman is widely considered to be the nation’s leading expert on Equine Liability.  A lawyer since 1986, her practice also focuses on commercial litigation, insurance defense, and equine law.  She is the author of the books Equine Law & Horse Sense and MORE Equine Law & Horse Sense and is co-author/co-editor of Litigating Animal Law Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers, published in 2009 by the ABA.  She also authored more than 200 articles on liability and equine law and has spoken at conferences in 27 states.  She is currently with Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, PC, in Farmington Hills, MI. For more information, visit and

Alexander “Sandie” Pendleton – Recreation Attorney

For over 20 years Sandie Pendleton  (Pendleton Legal, S.C. in Milwaukee, WI) has been helping businesses, organizations and individuals that provide recreational opportunities effectively manage the legal risk aspect of their operations.  A member of the Wisconsin bar, Sandie counsels businesses large and small that manufacture and sell recreational products (including power sports products) and that organize recreational events in all 50 states.  He has written extensively on waiver-of-liability issues, and is a frequent speaker on such topics.  He has successfully defended organizations in court that want to rely on waivers, and has successfully defended clients in recreational activity fatality cases.  To learn more about Sandie and his team, click here, or visit Sandie’s website

Catherine Hansen-Stamp – Recreation & Adventure Law and Liability

Catherine Hansen-Stamp is an attorney in private practice in Golden, Colorado.  She advises recreation, adventure and sport program providers, product manufacturers/sellers and related organizations on law, liability and risk management issues.  Cathy speaks and writes frequently on these issues, both regionally and nationally. She co-authors articles regularly (with Charles ‘Reb’ Gregg) for American Camp Association’s Campline and’s Adventure and Recreation Law Center.  She has authored a variety of other publications as well.  Her clients include camps and outdoor programs, public and private schools, outfitters and guides, dude ranches, science and environmental programs, ropes and challenge course builders and facilitators, adventure product manufacturers/sellers, resort owners, competitive event sponsors and others.  Cathy graduated from The Colorado College in 1981 and received her Juris Doctor from the University of Wyoming in 1985.  She is a member of both the Wyoming and Colorado Bar Associations. To learn more about Cathy’s practice, e-mail:  [email protected] or go to her website at


Daniel Hale — Insurance and Risk Management

Dan Hale is an insurance agent, attorney, risk manager, lecturer, author, and educator. For 35 years, his company, Cambridge Property and Casualty, has offered a wide variety of insurance and risk management services for sport and recreation-based businesses across the United States.  His clients include recreation centers, climbing gyms, yoga studios, fitness facilities, sports/clinics, outdoor equipment manufacturers and retailers. In 2008 he received an award from Michigan Lawyers Weekly recognizing his numerous accomplishments in the area of insurance and risk management. He is a contributing author of “Insurance & Risk” (a plain-language guide to complex insurance issues) and has authored a number of articles on issues associated with insurance coverage and risk of loss.  For more information, or to request a copy of his book, visit , or contact him directly at [email protected].

John Sadler, Risk Management and Insurance

John Sadler is president of Sadler & Company, Inc., which specializes is insuring sports and recreation organizations in all 50 states. Sadler graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University Of South Carolina in 1983 with degrees in Insurance and Finance. Sadler also graduated from the University Of South Carolina School Of Law in 1986 and is licensed to practice by the S.C. Bar. In addition, Sadler holds the Certified Insurance Counselor professional insurance designation. He is the national sports insurance and risk management faculty member for the Academy For Youth Sports Administrators which is a division of the National Alliance For Youth Sports (NAYS). He also serves on the Medical And Safety Advisory Committee of USA Baseball. For more information on sports insurance and sports risk management, visit

Risk Management Specialists

Herb Appenzeller — Sport Risk Management

Herb Appenzeller is America’s Leading Authority On Injury Liability and Litigation in Sports.  He is a true authority in the area of risk management in sport. For current, reliable information on what is happening in sport liability, check out what is available at his website. His newsletter, From the Gym to the Jury, has been providing timely information for 20 years. Services that he provides include expert witnessing, legal consulting, and conducting risk reviews. In addition, he currently has 20 books available on the subject of sport liability and risk management

Ian McGregor — Sport, Recreation, & Fitness Risk Management

Ian McGregor is the leading risk management specialist in Canada.  His consulting business, McGregor & Associates, offers a wide range of sport, recreation, and fitness risk management services for sport and recreation businesses in the United States and Canada. McGregor provides a broad online risk management assessment. McGregor also makes available 3 online risk management courses.  He also provides cost effective, flexible, dynamic training options through a technique he calls Webinars. McGregor & Associates also offers up-to-date, accurate risk management information through two important publications: a Sportrisk Planning Manual and a  Risk Management Newsletter for Sport and Recreation. For complete information, click on

Health Club Authorities

JoAnn M. Eickhoff-Shemek —  Health and Fitness Expert

JoAnn M. Eickhoff-Shemek, Ph.D., FACSM, FAWHP is one of the leading legal and risk management educators in the exercise science and health/fitness field. She is a professor and the coordinator of the Exercise Science program at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She is the lead author of a groundbreaking and comprehensive 2009 textbook entitled Risk Management for Health/Fitness Professionals: Legal Issues and Strategies. Dr. Eickhoff-Shemek served as the Legal Columnist for ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal for 10 years (2001-2010) and has published more than 150 articles in journals and other professional publications. Dr. Eickhoff-Shemek speaks regularly at national conferences and other professional meetings each year.  Dr. Eickhoff-Shemek is an ACSM Health/Fitness Director® certified, an ACSM Exercise Test TechnologistSM certified, and a Fellow of ACSM and the former Association of Worksite Health Promotion (AWHP). She can be reached at [email protected].

David L. Herbert — Health & Fitness Industry

David Herbert is one of the leading legal liability authorities in the health and fitness industry. Herbert is the senior member of David L. Herbert & Associates, LLC, Attorneys at Law, Canton, Ohio. Herbert is also the owner of PRC Publishing, which provides current, up to date information to Professionals in Legal, Medical, Sports, Fitness, and other Provider fields. PRC is best known for its Reporter Series of newsletters which includes The Exercise Standards and Malpractice Reporter,  The Sports, Parks and Recreation Law Reporter, and The Sports Medicine Standards & Malpractice Reporter. PRC also has an extensive collection of books available dealing with the legal aspects of fitness activities to the legal aspects of sports medicine. Check out for more information.


Expert Witnesses

Tom Bowler — Expert Witness (Physical Education & Playgrounds)

Tom Bowler has been an expert witness for seventeen years.  During this time, Tom has worked on 285 cases for plaintiff and defendant attorneys, throughout the United States involving physical education, athletics, recreation and playgrounds.  His areas of expertise are: physical education (33 years teaching experience), athletics, recreation, and his special emphasis is with playground equipment and playground supervision.  Tom is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector credentialed by the National Recreation & Park Association.  Additionally, he provides lectures on risk management to public school physical education departments. Tom has been an adjunct lecturer for two universities within the State of Connecticut, teaching sport and recreation law courses.   For six and one-half years, he supervised physical education majors in their practicum experiences at the elementary, middle and/or high school levels. For more information, click here. He may be contacted at [email protected] or (860) 670-2180.

Leonard K. Lucenko — Expert Witness (Sport & Recreation)

Leonard K. Lucenko, PhD is an experienced expert witness having consulted for more than 20 years for defendants and plaintiffs in over 300 cases in education, sport, recreation, and camp management.  He is a former soccer and track coach as well as the coordinator of the Recreation Professions Program at Montclair State University. Dr. Lucenko taught the ASEP coaching course as well as undergraduate and graduate courses in Administration and Supervision of Physical Education and Athletics.  He has presented papers at ASTM’s International Symposia concerned with Football, Baseball, and Ice Hockey.   He was invited by Major League Baseball to present risk management and safety programs for its RBI Division.  Dr. Lucenko is a Diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiners and many other professional organizations such as AAHPERD, NRPA, NSCAA, American Camp Association and more.  Dr. Lucenko’s web site is:

David D. Johnson — Expert Witness (Equine Industry)

David Johnson operates North American Equine Services (NAES) as its President and CEO and is considered one of the premier  providers of equine expert witness testimony in the United States and Canada. More than 30 years of experience in Professional Equine Appraisals and Litigation Consulting for all breeds and disciplines.  In the area of litigation consulting, services include extensive case review and research. At the Court’s direction via a properly served subpoena, NAES is specifically called upon to provide a myriad of legal opinions in order to clarify confusing equine activities. These opinions are necessary in enabling the jury or judge in forming the correct decision.  Mr. Johnson can be contacted at: Email: [email protected] or 1-800-575-1669.  Visit the North American Equine Services website:

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