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Risk Management at a Mexico All-Inclusive Resort

By Doyice Cotten

A family vacation in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico gave me an opportunity to evaluate risk management at an all-inclusive resort. One would have to give the Resort a passing grade for its risk management program. There was evidence that someone who knew about risks was in charge of controlling risks at the resort.

The first thing that jumps out was the safety signage about the resort. Photos 1-6 included warnings and rules for patrons to follow.

China’s Interesting Signage and a Few Risks

By Doyice Cotten

Last week we addressed some common risks for tourists traveling in China; this week, we will address a few more hazards and some signage challenges. Risk management signage in tourist areas is common, however, they may not always be clear due to translation or language differences.

In Photos 1 through 6, one can see that the English translation is not quite the same as what we would say. They do, however, generally get the point across.

Great Signage in Israel – But Some Dangers Remain

By Doyice Cotten

On a recent visit to Israel, one thing relating to risk management really stood out – great signage and warnings. This is not totally unexpected in a modern country like Israel.

Below I have included a number of risk management pluses; and have followed them with a number of photos showing some dangers that still exist. I think the risks shown will be apparent.

Click on the image to enlarge.

“Pitfalls” in a European Fortress

By Doyice Cotten

This author has frequently posted articles pointing out risk management hazards at tourist sites in third work countries – most frequently in Asia and Latin America. When one thinks of Europe, one generally expects safer conditions at tourist sites. However, on a recent visit to Eastern Europe, we spotted a number of very serious hazards at a popular fort (Baba Vida Fortress) in Vidin, Bulgaria.

Some hazards to observe in the following images include 1) openings (without rails) into which one might fall,

Risks in Cartagena

By Doyice Cotten

When one thinks of risks in Cartagena, or for that matter, anywhere in Columbia, one thinks of kidnapping, drugs, and murders. Certainly, there is that possibility; however, on a recent visit there, we found that Cartagena is perhaps the most beautiful city in all of Latin America (see Photo 1) and definitely safer than most. Columbia is winning the war against the cartels and drug lords. In most of the country kidnappings, drug wars, and such are way down and Columbia is becoming a good place to live and visit.

Nepal Risks for Tourists and Locals

By Doyice and Mary Cotten

When one thinks of Nepal, one’s first thoughts are of the Himalayas, but most people live in a long valley through the middle of the country. Risk management may not be an unknown term there – but it could certainly be put into practice more frequently.

On our recent visit, we found two major risks – the traffic on the streets and highways and the air pollution that blankets the valley,

Viet Nam: Risk Management Needed for Everyday Hazards

This post on risks in everyday Viet Nam life was written by Doyice Cotten. Watch for a follow-up on play areas in Viet Nam.

The appeal of most third world nations is their differences from here in the U.S. Many of these differences involve risks that we might not see every day here.  Some of them are astounding and you wonder how they get away with that – resulting injuries would certainly result in a lawsuit here. The following photos show just a few of the risks seen throughout the country.