“Pitfalls” in a European Fortress

By Doyice Cotten

This author has frequently posted articles pointing out risk management hazards at tourist sites in third work countries – most frequently in Asia and Latin America. When one thinks of Europe, one generally expects safer conditions at tourist sites. However, on a recent visit to Eastern Europe, we spotted a number of very serious hazards at a popular fort (Baba Vida Fortress) in Vidin, Bulgaria.

Some hazards to observe in the following images include 1) openings (without rails) into which one might fall, 2) steps without handrails to hold onto, and 3) steep and uneven steps. Falls involving any of these hazards have the real potential to be fatal.

Vidin and Baba Vida Fortress are popular stops for cruise ships on the Southern Danube. It is obvious that no one involved has any familiarity with risk management. It seems the attitude is Let the Tourist Beware!

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