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CPR and AED Trained Athletic Trainers Save Two Collapsed Athletes

By Doyice Cotten

Are you prepared for an emergency at your sport, recreation or fitness facility? If a participant collapses during a workout and has no heartbeat, does someone at your facility know what to do? Do you have personnel trained in CPR? Do you have an AED on hand? And someone who in trained to use it? These are all important questions for management at sport, recreation, and fitness facilities. None of us want to stand by and watch someone die who could have been saved!

Understanding the Lessons of Risk Management in Soccer

Editor’s Note:  This article on risk management in soccer was submitted by a contributor. Note that there is some very valuable risk management information in the first hyperlink. Although the cited material refers to professional soccer players, the risk management suggestions may be useful to amateur and youth coaches as well. DC

By Connor Smith

Professional soccer players, just like any other athletes, are human beings, ordinary people who possess extraordinary skills that are the envy of many.

Soccer Goals: 40 Deaths & 59 Serious Injuries in 38 Years

By Doyice Cotten

A recent athleticbusiness.com article reported on the death of a two-year-old Tennessee girl who was killed when a soccer goal blew over on top of her. Local TV reported that the unanchored goal turned over as a result of a 30 to 40 mph wind. At the time of the report, it was not verified whether the goals at the International Soccer Complex were anchored in any way.

Reading this report brought back memories of an important Ohio case in 1998 (Zivich v.

Duration of Waivers: A 3 Part Series — Part 1

Part 1

By Doyice Cotten

Tariq Davis, a minor, was injured when he ran into the street and was struck by an auto while chasing a soccer ball (Davis v. American Youth Soccer Organization, Virgin Islands, 2016). The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) claimed protection from a waiver signed by a parent on behalf of the youth.

Courts in the Virgin Islands have stated that “an exculpatory clause which limits or absolves a party for its own ordinary negligence is generally enforceable, 

Why You Need an AED — NOW!!!

By Doyice Cotten

Two recent events accentuated the importance of an AED for your sports event or facility. The events involving young soccer players illustrate similar incidents, different preparation for emergencies, and different results — one player lives and another dies.

A young English Premier League soccer player, Fabrice Muamba, suffered a cardiac arrest during a game in London. Medics came onto the field to try to revive the 23-year old star.  Medics administered CPR, drugs,

Play Areas in Bali

Schools in Bali are usually small and often have little or no play equipment. Often the school will have a small open play area with no equipment. Below are some photos of play and play areas that I observed.

Photos 1-3: Photo one shows the physical education teacher talking with his class while Photo 2 shows him lining the children up for a walking race. Photo 3 shows one of the races in progress.

Photos 4-6: These photos show an older class working on a passing drill using a volleyball.