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Everyday Risks in India

This is the third posting in the India Risk Management series.

If one looks carefully, one can often spot hazards in the United States. In many foreign countries, particularly third world countries, hazards are both more prevalent and more serious. On our recent trip to Southern India, we spotted many hazards, most of which you would not often see in the States.

These hazards are pictured below. Click on each image to enlarge or to begin a slide show.

Hotel Risk Management in India

The tourism industry in the United States is replete with hazards and risks – particularly when one is not in an upscale property. Hoteliers in the U.S. spend a lot of money eliminating hazards in an effort to reduce the risk of injury and lawsuits. In India, we found that the more upscale hotels have much in common with the upscale hotels here. These hotels are very secure. Most are fenced, have security personnel on the property at all times,

Playground Risks in Cochin, India

We are all familiar with the typical playground hazards found on American playgrounds. Third world countries usually have more hazards, in part, because more funds are available in America for providing safer playgrounds and, in part, because those in charge of American playgrounds have more training in playground safety and risk management. On a recent visit to India, we visited a number of rural and urban playgrounds and saw a number of risks. One of the best, and most amusing,

Ecuador – A Little Risk Management? Part III

NOTE: Click on a photo to enlarge.

No visitor to Ecuador can see and experience all of the country.  Mary and I saw the activities described in the Part I and Part II of this series. Here are a few more observations in this final Part of our Ecuador series.

In the Banos area, hot springs abound because Banos is at the foot of an active volcano – so active that its eruptions a year or two ago endangered the town and destroyed one road leading into the town.

Ecuador – Playground Equipment Part II

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While in Ecuador, we saw some playgrounds at city parks and thought many readers might be interested in what we found. Ecuador, being a poor country, obviously spends less money on equipment than we do, but we have many things in common. They, like us, have some equipment that is good and some that is bad. As you look at these photos, you can be the judge. But from what we observed,

Ecuador – Scenes of Fitness and Recreation Part I

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Mary and I just returned from 10 days in Ecuador — a country filled with volcanoes, markets, and friendly people. While there, two other things stood out – not nearly as many fat or obese people as in the U.S. and a lot of people recreating and exercising. Included here are a number of photos of people getting their exercise and enjoying life in public parks and other locations.