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Expert Witness: Teaching Gymnastics On Macadam

By Tom Bowler

Gymnastics can be a high risk activity in physical education.  Some school districts have eliminated this curriculum area because of potential liability associated with it.   I was retained in 2007 as the expert witness for the plaintiff child in a physical education class involving gymnastics.

Fact Pattern:  The plaintiff was an eleven year old female enrolled in a mandatory fifth grade physical education class in a public school.  The curriculum area was gymnastics,

Expert Witness Proves the Difference in Louisiana Case

This case discussion is provided by Dr. Leonard K. Lucenko, a sports and recreational premises risk management and safety expert. The case title is as follows: Clinton Schriber v. Jewish Community Center of New Orleans.

Case Facts:

In June 1997, plaintiff Clinton Schriber was participating in a recreational basketball league game at the gymnasium owned by the defendant.   The defendant had rented the gymnasium to a local recreational basketball league.  Each team paid an entry fee to participate in league games,

Expert Determines that Post was too Near Sideline

This case discussion,  provided by Dr. Leonard K. Lucenko –  a sports and recreational facilities safety expert, clearly illustrates the crucial role of the expert witness in negligence cases. He has a PhD and is an experienced expert witness having consulted for more than 20 years for defendants and plaintiffs in over 300 cases in education, sport, recreation and camp management.Dr. Lucenko’s web site is: www.leonardlucenko.com.

Case Facts:

On October 6,

Expert Witness: Expert Plays Key Role in Judgment

This case discussion is provided by Dr. Leonard K. Lucenko, a sports and recreational facilities safety expert.

Case Facts:

In September 2002, the plaintiff was playing a recreation hockey league game on the Red Rink at the defendant ice hockey facility.  This was the first time the plaintiff had played a league game at this venue.  Management had failed to warn the plaintiff or the other players that the kick plate on this rink was broken and cracked in several areas around the rink.

Expert Witness: Lawsuit At Children’s Museum

This case account was prepared by Tom Bowler, an experienced expert witness In the area of playground safety.

Fact Pattern:

The mother took her four-years-old son visit a children’s museum.  In the basement of the museum, one room had a theme of “sea caves”.  The walls, benches and play equipment were painted with a theme of underwater sea caverns.  This created a figure/ground type of problem for visually seeing and distinguishing protruding benches etc.