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Is the Business Liable for Falls in the Parking Lot?

By Doyice Cotten

Jade Kindermann was carrying her 22-month old son when she tripped over uneven pavement in the parking lot of the Lifetime Fitness Center (LTF Club Operations Company). Jade was unhurt, but her son suffered serious injuries when she landed on him. Jade sued the owner of the facility on her son’s behalf, alleging negligence and premises liability under state law.

Business owners sometimes forget that they may be held liable for injuries occurring on their sidewalks,

Not Much Risk Management in Mandalay (Burma)

By Doyice Cotten

While readers saw in last week’s post that risk management in Thailand is alive and well, this is not the case in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city.

As in many countries, city sidewalks present somewhat of an adventure. In Myanmar, holes and irregularities of surface present a major problem for pedestrians. See photos 1, 2, 3. Photo 11 shows that you need to look ahead as well as down—the sign is safe only if you are extremely short.

Approaches to Risk Management in Thailand

By Doyice Cotten


Click on Photo to enlarge!

As regular readers know by now, risks faced by locals and tourists in foreign countries abound. Hazards that you would never (or at least seldom) see in the US are both common and dangerous. I guess there just aren’t as many lawyers in those countries. Sometimes, however, we see where authorities have also spotted these hazards and have taken action.

Some hazards we spotted at popular tourist attractions in Thailand are pictured below.

Everyday Risks in Dominican Republic

By Doyice Cotten

Tourism in third world countries is always interesting and exciting, but it does come with some risks. I took my camera on my visit to the small town of Juan Dolio, D.R. The risks that I depict here are similar to those in most any Caribbean or Central American country. They just emphasize the point that it is more important that you be alert to risk when out of the U.S.

Photos 1,

Old Delhi – What is Risk Management?

By Doyice and Mary Cotten

Certainly the term “risk management” is not a common, household term in Old Delhi. This article and photos discuss and illustrate some of the risks faced in the daily lives of Indians living in and visiting Old Delhi. Old Delhi is the oldest and most colorful section of the vibrant city of Delhi. These photos are meant to depict some of the hazards faced by locals and visitors to the city.

I snapped Photo 1 one afternoon while riding in a bicycle rickshaw.