Viet Nam: Playgrounds and Play Areas

Photo 1

Viet Nam is a beautiful country filled with interesting sights and friendly people. In a previous posting, I looked at everyday hazards that locals and visitors face. Here I will show you some scenes shot on school playgrounds and parks. Most were taken on one elementary playground while the school was not in session. We were enjoying taking pictures until one of the pieces of equipment made a loud noise when we experimented with it. The security guard saw us and promptly made it clear to us (though he spoke no English) that we were to leave.

Photo 1-4: From one playground at a very nice elementary school it seemed that the children must be going round and round. Four different types of merry-go-rounds were spotted at this one playground.

Photos 5-6: Photo 5 shows piles of sand and gravel dangerously close to a basketball court and photo 6 shows a young girl having fun on stilts outside a museum.

Photos 7-9: Photo 7 shows a view of part of the playground. Some of the play equipment seems rather passive as evidenced by 2 kinds of gliders in photos 8 and 9.

Photos 10-12: Photo 10 shows an elephant. I don’t know if the children are allowed to climb on him or not. It seems sort of high. Numbers 11 and 12 show some fitness equipment – and spiral climber and a cube made of pipes. I am not sure what you do with it.

Photos 13-15: In Photo 13 one sees a climber and at the left end it attaches to a post. Photo 14 shows the attachment up close. Notice the exposed bolt where the wrapping has come loose. In Photo 15 you can see that the turning bar has the potential of an exposed bolt when the wrapping deteriorates some more. It would be easy to saw off the bolt to reduce the hazard.

Photos 16-18: Slides are popular in Viet Nam, as in most countries. Photo 16 shows an attractive double giraffe slide and Photo 17 shows an older double slide on the same playground. Photo 18 shows the bottom of the same slide. Notice that the child slides right onto the paved surface.

Photos 19-21: A piece of equipment that I have never seen before is shown in Photo 19 and 20). Apparently, one grips the protruding bars and swings. When I tried it, it squeaked loudly and the guard promptly ushered up off the playground. The final Photo shows young men playing badminton in a local park.

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