Risk Management in Bali

Photo 1

Bali is a popular tropical destination for tourists from around the world. While in Bali, as in virtually all third world countries, one must be prepared to encounter sights that are not common to us in the United States. One expects beaches, jungles, volcanoes, and such, but one is often surprised at the risks and hazards faced every day by both visitors and locals. Risk management is an almost unheard-of term in such countries.  Below are a number of hazards observed at various places in Bali:

Photos 1-3:  In a popular tourist site, the equivalent of a state park, observe some serious breaks in a sidewalk.

Photos 4-6: In the same park, photos 4 and 5 show more broken sidewalk as well as green algae or moss on sidewalks creating slippery surfaces. Figure 6 shows a tourist with a monkey on his shoulder in the popular Monkey Forrest, the equivalent of a national park. Monkeys are everywhere. Some are very vicious if disturbed (particularly if they have young ones) and tourists commonly get too close – as illustrated in this photo.

Photos 7-9: A sidewalk on the streets of the popular tourist town of Ubud presents a hazard for unwary tourists. Note the sudden drop-off in Photo 7. With breaks and uneven sidewalks everywhere, it is advisable to look before you step – but with so much to see, it is difficult.

Photos 10-12: The repair work being done on the shrine in photo 12 makes one a little uneasy on the bamboo scaffolding, but bamboo seems to be the scaffolding of choice in Asia. Photos 10 and 11 show a deep hole where a section of sidewalk is missing. Fortunately, some risk management measures have been taken as it is blocked off by bamboo poles.

Photos 13-15: Businesses are not free from risks. Here we see an unexpected drop-off in the largest and most popular tourist market. Don’t take a backward step! Photos 14 and 15 show construction requiring a risky passage to enter one of the most popular restaurants in town. They serve delicious roast pig. We tested it and it was worth the risk.

But Bali is a scenic country with a friendly people. Photos 16-17 show some lively school children and a scenic rice field.

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