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Safety on Children’s Playgrounds – In America and in Thailand

By Doyice Cotten

Children’s playgrounds are always a good source of controversy. Some peop;e seem to want to eliminate every tiny bit of possible danger or risk. These proponents seemingly want to sanitize the playground. If a piece of equipment contains any perceived risk, we must eliminate that risk or even eliminate that type of equipment. Swings have been eliminated from many playgrounds; others have only lowered them, changed the seat, or other modifications. Many playgrounds have removed Jungle Jim type climbers;

State Waiver Laws Differ: An Illustration

By Doyice Cotten

Just this week I was told by a health club employee that “Waivers are not worth the paper they are written on.” I had not heard that bit of erroneous information in some time; most sport, recreation, and fitness professionals today have at least a general idea that waivers can be effective in protecting an enterprise from liability for injuries.

The fact is that in at least 45 states, a well-written waiver signed by a assenting adult can effectively protect an activity provider from liability for injuries resulting from the ordinary negligence of the activity provider.

Risk Management Observations in Lima

By Doyice Cotten and Mary B. Cotten

On a recent visit to Peru, we noted some situations that would have benefitted from a good risk management program and, happily, a number of instances where good risk management practices were used.

In Lima, or more accurately, its suburb Miraflores, we saw surprising few real hazards. The area was clean and relatively safe. Photos 1 through 3 include some hazards found while walking on one of its busy sidewalks.  

Play Areas in Bali

Schools in Bali are usually small and often have little or no play equipment. Often the school will have a small open play area with no equipment. Below are some photos of play and play areas that I observed.

Photos 1-3: Photo one shows the physical education teacher talking with his class while Photo 2 shows him lining the children up for a walking race. Photo 3 shows one of the races in progress.

Photos 4-6: These photos show an older class working on a passing drill using a volleyball.