COVID-19 – Liability Insurance – and Waivers!

By Doyice Cotten

No one needs reminding of the national emergency relating to COVID-19 and the problems it has brought. Many providers of sport, recreation, and fitness activities are worrying about their liability in this situation.

In terms of risk management, most utilize two major tools to protect their business or organization from undue financial risk – these tools are liability insurance and liability waivers. Unfortunately, many are finding that their insurance does not cover communicable diseases and are taking a look at their waiver and wondering if it will protect them. Whether the waiver will protect, of course, depends upon the language used in the waiver.

Jon Solomon has written two interesting articles that should interest many providers. Click to view the articles:

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Providers should take a close look at both their liability insurance and their waiver. At this point, where insurance coverage may not exist, the waiver takes on added importance.

Photo Credit: thanks to Nan Palmero via Flickr.