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COVID-19 – Liability Insurance – and Waivers!

By Doyice Cotten

No one needs reminding of the national emergency relating to COVID-19 and the problems it has brought. Many providers of sport, recreation, and fitness activities are worrying about their liability in this situation.

In terms of risk management, most utilize two major tools to protect their business or organization from undue financial risk – these tools are liability insurance and liability waivers. Unfortunately, many are finding that their insurance does not cover communicable diseases and are taking a look at their waiver and wondering if it will protect them.

The Ohio H.B.143 Issue: Protect the Athlete or Protect the Coach

By Doyice Cotten

AthleticBusiness.com reported an article in The Columbus Dispatch regarding YMCA negative reaction to House Bill 143 which includes mandated concussion education and requires an authorized doctor to sign off before an athlete can return to play after a concussion. The bill provides some immunity provisions which YMCA official Beth Tsvetkoff terms as inadequate.

Tsvetkoff is reported to have said that, under this bill, a coach can be held legally liable if a court finds his or her actions were done to intentionally injure a youth.

Types of Background Checks on Volunteers

This timely article is 1 of 5 being re-run in light of the Penn State sex scandal!

By John Sadler

Part I – Sexual Offender Registry Checks

This is Part I of a 4 part series about the types of background checks and their importance when using volunteers. An authority in the field of sport insurance, John discusses four types of background checks: 1) sexual offender registry checks, 2) local law enforcement criminal background checks,