Wanted: Dead or Alive — Some Risk Management and Common Sense

By Doyice Cotten

This post is very different from the normal post on this site. I urge you to watch this video. It is amusing and amazing … and at the same time a little scary.

I don’t think this idea will move to the U.S. — too much liability, but who knows.

Read more about this event below after viewing the video.


CASTELLERS…….and you thought the running of the bulls was crazy…WATCH  THIS!!!!!


Once a year every town and city in  Catalonia celebrates its Grand Festival.
The streets fill with merrymakers who are only too glad to let strangers join in the fun.
Many places keep up traditional customs of ancient origin.


In the region of Tarragona you can wonder at the agility and strength of the Castellers as they build their spectacular human towers.
Teams of men stand on each others’ shoulders in an effort to build the highest human tower.
Each tower, which can be up to seven stories high, is topped by a small boy called the anxaneta.
Castellers can be seen in action in many towns, especially Vilafranca del Pened and Valls.