In Memory of Mary Cotten

Mary B. Cotten

Many of you had the opportunity to meet and know Mary; others have been fortunate enough to talk with her on the phone; and others have just seen evidence of her on the website and in our book. It has been a year since she passed away on September 7, 2020 after battling lymphoma. I know some of you knew of her passing, but many are not aware of it. We were married 58 years.

Mary was instrumental in the success of our website and in the ten editions our waiver book, Waivers & Releases of Liability. If you have noticed the website quality might have dropped this past year, you can credit that to Mary’s absence.

She was a patriot, a conservative, and a practicing Christian. She loved God, our country, and people; she had a beautiful smile, a positive attitude, and was nice to everyone. She worked with and delivered Meals on Wheels for more than 40 years. The photo was taken in Croatia about a year before she became ill.

She had a great life – two kids, both successful. She had an MS in mathematics from FSU (with a 4.0). She loved the Braves, college football (especially the SEC), and enjoyed life. She had an adventurous spirit and traveled to 80 countries – and loved them all, but never found one that could compare with the United States.

She is missed.