18 Tips for Reducing the Risk of a Lawsuit

"Kid in the Air" by Tambako the Jaguar - flickr.comMany sport and recreation businesses are fearful of being sued. And those who aren’t, should be! Even if you use a waiver and have insurance, a lawsuit is bad news. You have a big headache that will drain your attention and your peace-of-mind. In addition, the process of defending a lawsuit usually lasts for several years. Even if you eventually win, you have had the worry and, often, an abundance of bad publicity. Financially, your insurance may not cover the claim, and your rates will probably go up. All in all, it is better to avoid a suit in the first place. You can do many things to reduce the risk of an injury and a subsequent lawsuit in your fitness center.

The following is a five part series on reducing the risk of a lawsuit. Included are 18 concrete suggestions that will make your business more financially secure.

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