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Safety on Children’s Playgrounds – In America and in Thailand

By Doyice Cotten

Children’s playgrounds are always a good source of controversy. Some peop;e seem to want to eliminate every tiny bit of possible danger or risk. These proponents seemingly want to sanitize the playground. If a piece of equipment contains any perceived risk, we must eliminate that risk or even eliminate that type of equipment. Swings have been eliminated from many playgrounds; others have only lowered them, changed the seat, or other modifications. Many playgrounds have removed Jungle Jim type climbers;

Do You Kayak, Canoe, Swim, Dive, or Participate in Cold Water Activities? You Should Know About This Website!

By Doyice Cotten

I was recently introduced to the website coldwatersafety.org. I am the fartherest thing from an expert on cold water safety, however this website provides a lot of information that anyone who participates in or leads groups in cold water activities should know about.

Moulton Avery, Founder and Director of the National Center for Cold Water Safety kindly let me know about the site and gave me permission to tell you about the site.