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Liability Releases and Waivers in North Carolina – Part 1

By Rick Conner
Part 1 of 3

Rick Conner is an attorney with McGuireWoods in Charlotte, N.C. This is an excellent summary of North Carolina waiver law, originally published in 2008. Thanks to Rick for granting permission for this reprinting. Parts 2 and 3 will appear over the next two weeks. DC

Imagine this – you have front row seats to watch the Charlotte Bobcats play the Phoenix Suns. You have an unbeatable view of the action – so close that you are able to strike up a conversation with Gerald Wallace during warm-ups.

Duty and Liability

by Charles R. Gregg

Readers will find that this to be an informative legal liability article. “Reb” Gregg is one of the nation’s top adventure law attorneys. This article originally appeared on Reb’s website.

Q. How do I run a good program without being sued?                                                                             

A. You can’t. People can and may sue you, with or without justification. And even the best program can make mistakes which might provoke the lawsuit.