Risk Management Audit at Heart of Rope-Climbing Lawsuit

Dr. John Wolohan, an authority on sport law and liability, examined a brett squarerecent case in which a college employee was seriously injured when she fell from a climbing wall. The college had hired a risk management company to inspect the facility and evaluate their risk management program. The injured party filed suit against the risk management company because they failed to identify and recommend correction of the risk. Dr. Wolohan clarifies the liability of the company in this article published in AthleticBusiness.com.


By John T. Wolohan

In the sports and recreation industry, it is common to hire outside consultants to conduct risk management audits. Typically, these audits involve a site visit to inspect the facility, observe some of the activities or programs taking place in the facility, and interview members and employees of the organization. A review of the organization’s policies, procedures and insurance coverage is also conducted. At the end of the visit, a written report — which usually includes a series of recommendations on how the organization can reduce its risks and legal exposure — is provided. For the remainder of the article, please click here.