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Do You have a Liability Insurance Policy? Yes, but do you REALLY know what it says?

By James H. Moss, J.D.

James Moss is a highly recognized lawyer in the outdoor recreation industry. He is a well-known authority in the sport and recreation law field and is the author of a top book in the field, Outdoor Recreation Insurance, Risk Management, and Law. We can all learn some lessons from this article illustrating that nothing good comes from not understanding your insurance policy. Check out his popular blog Recreation-Law.com .

An event organizer of a 5K Extreme Rampage purchased an insurance policy that specifically excluded coverage for a 5K run with obstacles,

DANGER! Mud Runs and Obstacle Course Runs Include Risk for Participant & Provider

Danger! Mud Runs and Obstacle Course Runs Include Risk for Participant & Provider

By Doyice Cotten

The nationwide emergence of mud runs and extreme obstacle course runs provide both challenge and excitements for the many participants; also provided is a risk of injury for the participants and a risk of liability for the provider.

Whether you are a potential participant in such an event or your organization is considering sponsoring such an event,

“Mud run” Tragedy: Risk Management Run Amuck!

By Doyice Cotten

Thanks to Sandie Pendleton for sending me the link to this story.

Tony Weathers, a 30 year old fit athlete drowned in a Fort Worth’s “Original Mud Run” competition on April 14. The WFAA.com (Click for the whole story) story and the comments that follow it recount a tragic death, a public relations disaster, and what appears from the story to be a significant risk management failure. Below I will copy passages from the article and comments relating to the risk management of the event.