DANGER! Mud Runs and Obstacle Course Runs Include Risk for Participant & Provider

Danger! Mud Runs and Obstacle Course Runs Include Risk for Participant & Provider

By Doyice Cotten

4803035962_20f24b3d07The nationwide emergence of mud runs and extreme obstacle course runs provide both challenge and excitements for the many participants; also provided is a risk of injury for the participants and a risk of liability for the provider.

Whether you are a potential participant in such an event or your organization is considering sponsoring such an event, you should read the article that recently appeared in athleticbusiness.com. Click on this link for the full article, Obstacle Course Races Gain Popularity, but Fun Comes with Risk by Carrie Well and Pamela Wood of the Baltimore Sun. http://www.athleticbusiness.com/articles/lexisnexis.aspx?lnarticleid=1917799200&lntopicid=136030023&topic=3,200

Photo Credit: Thanks to Gamma Man at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gammaman/4803035962/sizes/m/in/photolist-8jqPfS-8jqGAL-8jnwu4-8jqGoq-8jqF6s-6bxEuY-6Wcyj4-6WgBos-6WgCCd-6Wh5Ej-6WgtxQ-6WdHGH-6WhD17-6WdM3z-6Wd8Yx-6WguGE-6WdAkR-6Wdba8-6Wgt4m-6WcpbP-6Wd22Z-6WhE3y-6WdJdV-6Wde7k-6Wh5eU-6Wd2w6-6WdH8v-6Wh4TS-6WhuPd-6Wd8re-6WhnMs-6WdheT-6Wh7j1-6WgGQL-6Whezd-6Whbsh-6Wd5jc-6Wd1Eg-6WhQ2J-6WhM2U-6Whz2q-6WhHA9-6Whugs-6Whodq-6WgZWQ-6Whs9j-6Wd19T-6Whhj5-6Whk8A-6Wdpv2-6WcGbz/