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Illinois Waiver Law Considered in a Muscle Car Injury Case

By Doyice CottenIn  2012, Barbara Nesbitt (Nesbitt v. National Muscle Car Association, 2014 Ill. App. Unpub. LEXIS 1848) sued National Muscle Car Association (NMCA), Promedia, National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), Skinny Kid Race Cars, and Ted Peters  alleging multiple claims after her vehicle failed causing her serious injury. The first three defendants were sponsors of the race, Skinny Kid designed the race car, and Ted Peters, an employee of NHRA, had inspected the vehicle prior to the race.

A Cursory Look at Illinois Waiver Law

By Doyice Cotten

Note: This posting is not intended to provide a comprehensive presentation on Illinois waiver law, but rather to offer the reader a brief look at what some of the courts have said about waivers and their enforcement.


Illinois courts construe contracts to give effect to the intention of the parties as expressed in the language of the agreement. Illinois law construes contracts as a whole, and generally disallows extrinsic evidence unless an ambiguity exists within the contract’s four corners (Platt v.

Illinois Court Enforces Waiver Signed By Volunteer

By Alexander “Sandie” Pendleton
of Kohner, Mann & Kailas, S.C.

Relating to this  published previously article,  Dan McKinney reports (Feb 23, 2012) the following update:

Just an addition to the current Personal Injury Lawsuit pending in the Illinois Appellate Court – Regarding the Gross Negligent Severe Injuries caused by Employees, Directors , Etc. of The Salvation Army – Adult Rehabilitation Center in Springfield , Illinois .