Which Sports Are Considered the Most Dangerous?

By Edgaras Abraxinsas

Taking part in sports is a recommended way of feeling fitter and healthier. Yet, not every type of sport is going to give you the same benefits.

In fact, there are some sports out there are considered to be incredibly dangerous for your health. So what are the sports that only the bravest among us would try?


It is no surprise to see that boxing is one of the activities where you have a high chance of getting injured. Tragically, an average of 13 boxers have died each year over the last century or so.

Naturally, many other boxers survive their fights but suffer some form of damage due to the sport. There is some debate over exactly how damaging this career is, but there is no doubt that getting hit over and over again cause problems later on in life for many boxers.[Editor’s Note: Patrick Day died from injuries sustained in a Super Welterweight Title bout in October, 2019.]


The controversial sport of bull-fighting has caused the death of hundreds of matadores over the centuries. In 2016, Victor Barrio was gored by a giant bull, to become the first death of this type in Spain since the mid-1980s.

Yet, there are regular occurrences of horrific injuries occurring in bull rings in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and the other countries where it is still legal. Ironically, it is the cruelty that this sport represents for the bull that means that there is an increasing amount of pressure to stop it completely.

Rock Climbing

Some sources state that around 20 to 30 rock climbers die in the US each year. This means that global casualties could be as high as 150 annually. Given how many people carry out this sport, it perhaps isn’t quite as shocking a figure as it first seems.

Of course, there are different types of rock climbing. Some climbers do it in incredibly tough spots with no safety ropes, while others stick to gentler climbs and use safety equipment.


The idea of being caught up in a giant wave is terrifying for many non-surfers. Then there is the risk of sharks and other water-borne hazards. But how dangerous is surfing really? Do people die doing this?

There are believed to be 23 million surfers in the world, with only about 10 deaths confirmed each year. In fact, a study in Australia a few years ago suggested that the injury rate among surfers was similar to that of long-distance runners. So perhaps this is a sport that is less dangerous than it looks.


You have probably seen discussions about the dangers of the NFL before. The truth is that Chuck Hughes is the only player to have ever died during an NFL game. This happened in 1971, when the Detroit Lions player suffered a massive heart attack near the end of a match against the Chicago Bears.

So, football isn’t nearly as fatal as many other sports. However, the intense physical contact between players can lead to numerous types of injury, some of which can cause long-term damage. If you follow the NFL for betting then you will see lots of tough tackles but hopefully nothing more serious than that.


Surprisingly, a total of around 120 professional soccer players are reported to have died on the field. Yet, many of these tragic deaths were related to existing conditions rather than sports-related injuries. It is also worth remembering the huge number of players that have taken part over many years.

Having said that, it is another sport where competitors can suffer serious damage that affects them in the future. The good news is that the use of lighter balls than in the past has helped to reduce the number of serious head injuries suffered.

Photo Credit: Thanks to Patrick Gantz from Pixabay.