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Why learn about waivers?

With the constant threat of lawsuits looming in the sport, recreation, and fitness fields, providers often use contracts and other documents for financial protection. This comprehensive book will help you protect your business with the most effective waivers, releases, and other protective documents.

What is included?

  • 183 pages
  • Totally revised and updated
  • Table of contents
  • Public Policy is addressed and clarified
  • New Steps for Writing Waivers – A clear step-by-step procedure for writing an effective stand-alone waiver
  • State Waiver Law up-to-date summaries of waiver law in each state
  • Waiver Law for Minors reflects the many changes since the last edition. Waivers do work for minors in some states. Find out which
  • Includes List of Cases for those wishing to examine some of the cases affecting waiver law in the reader’s state
  • Based on more than 1000 waiver cases
  • Model Documents for: Waivers for Adults, Waivers for Minors, Informed Consents, Agreements to Participate, Participant Agreements

Who needs this book?

Everyone who works in the areas of sport, recreation or fitness would be wise to know as much as possible about legal liability and liability waivers. Sport, Recreation, & Fitness Professionals — owners, managers, employees, independent contractors — are all susceptible to lawsuits and need the financial protection that can be provided by waivers.

Two other groups who can benefit from the timely information in the book are practicing attorneys (particularly those who work in the sport, recreation, and fitness area) and college professors who teach courses in sport/recreation law or risk management.

Why this book?

This is, without question, the best book of its kind and the best single source of waiver information and law. Why am I so certain? This is the only book of its kind.  There is no competition. The authors have been researching waiver law  for almost 20 years and have read and analyzed more than 1000 sport, recreation, and fitness waiver cases.

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