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Risk Management Procedures Help Save Utah Snowmobile Operator from Liability

By Doyice Cotten

Matthew Rose rented a 2014 Polaris snowmobile from Summit Lodge. While approaching an opening in a wooden fence on the snowmobile, the throttle stuck on full-throttle and resulted in an injury to Rose.

The snowmobile has a thumb-operated throttle lever for acceleration; release of the lever is supposed to return the machine to idle. Normally, the machine has two methods of manual shut-off: a kill switch or by turning the key to off.

“Snow Cases”: PART II – Waivers Enforced in Two Colorado Cases

By Doyice Cotten

Three snow tubing cases were discussed in last week’s post. Two more “snow” cases will be examined in this post with two more to follow next week.

Two Colorado cases are examined here. One case involves the enforcement of waivers in snow mobile rental case while the other involves a skiing accident.

Salazar v. On the Trail Rentals

Salazar v.