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Yikes!! An Injury — Am I Liable?

By Doyice Cotten 

Sport and recreation managers are often confused about their liability in the event of an injury. This is understandable because the law is far from simple. The intent of this post and the included table is to reduce at least some of the confusion.

First, injuries result from one of three causes. The cause of injury may be a simple accident or an “inherent risk” of the activity. In this case the provider usually has no liability providing the injured party was aware of the inherent risks of the activity.

Waiver Terminology (Part II)

By Doyice Cotten

 This is Part II of this series. You will notice that while Part I consisted of seven terms that were closely related in that all were designed to protect against liability for ordinary negligence and that were for the most part synonymous, Part II consists of very different terms. I would recommend that you review Part I when you finish Part II.

Indemnity Agreement

An indemnity agreement is a contract signed prior to participation by which participant or another party agrees to reimburse the provider for any monetary loss,