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Some Photography Credits (CC Licensed):

Horseback Ride up Los Cerros by longhorndave
“Fitness Torture” by Olivier Bareau
Fitness center by DC9T
Signing Waivers by  Sharon Terry
Playground by Nyki_m
Risk Management – photo by szlea
Ice climbing on Mt. Rainier – Erik Charlton
Bungee Jumping in Ayia Napa- .Martin.
US Supreme Court -dbking
Skates, by flattop341
Skiing, by wka
IMG_4318 by acme
“Suddenly things seem crystal clear to me” by annia316
“Kid in the Air” by Tambako the Jaguar
In the Zone by lu_lu
Filling out a Waiver – ceonyc
Computer photo by Michael Surran
Computer photo by Stephen Glauser