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Greatly Expanded – 292 Pages

How to have a more Effective Waiver

Evaluate your Current Waiver

Many Changes in:

    State Waiver Laws

    State Waiver Law for Minors

Likelihood of Enforcement

      (Is a waiver likely to be enforced in your state?)

Informed Consent

Electronic Waivers

Expanded Gross Negligence Sections

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The Tenth and Final Edition of Waivers and Releases of Liability is now being printed.  You may have noticed the announcement on this page last week.  Buying information can be found by following the link in the sidebar at right.

It has been both a challenge and a pleasure to read all sport, recreation, and fitness waiver cases and stay current on waiver law in each state.  However, the task has become more time consuming than we wish to continue.  Perhaps one of our readers will take up the challenge, but, if not, users of the book will have to be diligent in searching law in their state for any changes.  We will continue to post changes we find on the website.