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[28 Aug 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Bike Shop Risk Management Concerns -Part 3

Part 3 of a 6 Part Series
This series is specifically aimed at the needs of Bike Shops, however much of it holds true for many …

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[6 Jul 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Club Polo: Do Relationships Prevent Lawsuits and Make Waivers Unnecessary?

By Corinna Charlton, Charlton Equine Law

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Corinna for this contribution to SportWaiver.com. She is an equine attorney in San Francisco. …

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[29 Feb 2012 | 49 Comments | ]

By Tom Bowler
Gymnastics can be a high risk activity in physical education.  Some school districts have eliminated this curriculum area because of potential liability associated …

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[23 Feb 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Illinois Court Enforces Waiver Signed By Volunteer

By Alexander “Sandie” Pendleton
of Kohner, Mann & Kailas, S.C.

Relating to this  published previously article,  Dan McKinney reports (Feb 23, 2012) the following update:

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[13 Dec 2011 | Comments Off | ]

Editor’s Note: We already know that risks abound in sport and recreational activities. There are, however, many defenses available that can …