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What is a waiver and how is it used? Does a waiver always work? Why does a waiver fail?  How do I write an effective waiver?  What if the client is a minor?  See Liability Waivers 101. . .

Waivers & Releases of Liability — NEW 9th Edition 2016

By Doyice J. Cotten & Mary B. Cotten

BookCoverImageThe only book of its kind –

Used by:


Insurance Companies,and

Sport, Fitness, and Recreation Professionals



239 Pages Including:

• More than 70 pages of waiver-writing tips from over 1400 cases + statutes
• 20 pages on waiver law for minors for each State
• 88 pages summarizing waiver law for each state, P.R., Virgin Islands, D.C., and Admiralty waiver law
• More than 26 pages discussing factors that limit waiver effectiveness
• Covers waivers & releases plus informed consents, assumption of risk agreements, & disclaimers
• Tips for administering waivers
• Hundreds of case citations

A Great Resource whether you write waivers, wish to evaluate the waiver you are using, or just want a better understanding of waivers & releases.

Table of Contents

The Waiver and Its Function
Why Waivers Sometimes Fail
Waiver Law and Minor Participants
Informed Consents & Agreements to Participate
Steps for Writing the Stand-Alone Waiver
Writing Waivers in Other Formats
Administering Waivers
State Waiver Law

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