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Risks and Risk Management in New Mexico and Texas

By Doyice Cotten

New Mexico (522) New Mexico (134) New Mexico (135) New Mexico (1076) New Mexico (305) New Mexico (1394) New Mexico (298a) New Mexico (1584) New Mexico (1544) New Mexico (1015) New Mexico (259a)Regular visitors to Sportwaiver.com know that while risks are plentiful, risk management is sometimes hard to spot in third world countries. Not so in the USA. This post features some risks and some signage used in Texas and New Mexico to warn less knowledgeable visitors of those risks. Some photos of  signage spotted during a recent trip are presented in the first section; a few risks faced by tourists are depicted in the second section. Maybe the first lamp post is a warning to visitors (in Roswell, New Mexico).

First are several warning signs, (fortunately, no snakes were spotted on those trails!). Following these, you will find a few risks faced. The first three photos feature very sharp and painful thorns. The next two feature the favorite activity of visitors — hiking up hills and rock climbing. Does the term “open and obvious” come to mind? The chain on the trail is a good risk management tool. The next two photos include a very dangerous trip hazard and a very slippery, wet bathroom floor at Carlsbad Caverns (note the warning sign).

And based on the last photo, it seems that no amount of risk management is a substitute for good judgement. Some hazards are self-induced.

New Mexico (1530)New Mexico (700)

In any event – risks or no risks – the West is worth it.

















New Mexico (167)

New Mexico (169a)New Mexico (175)New Mexico (1174)New Mexico (465)New Mexico (1165)




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